Reading Fun

I developed this project as my School work while I was at Western Illinois University. The idea came from my Professor, and that is in US especially (may be in other countries also) each library arrange Summer Reading Program, where students participate some events of reading books. They can read books at home or at anywhere literally. In the event they just need to report how long they read which books. And based on the duration they will be awarded. It’s kinda fun for them and to motivate them to read more. And the project to bring whole idea into a web application. And as student/s will be connected with a school their school will be ranked as well as students and also books are being ranked based on the duration or frequency the reader read those. This is the basic idea.

To develop this following tools and frameworks been used –

  • LAMP based application
  • CodeIgniter PHP Framework
  • Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS etc
  • I used number of royalty free images and videos that I mention credits of in the disclaimer page

Who are interested might visit the page here –

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